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As an RN, a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, herbalist and a certified aromatherapist and musician- I offer you a sampling of techniques as a tool for inquiry to help you relax and to heal. I led many teachings named "Native American Flute for Peace and Inner Healing" for many years at the famed Open Center in NYC.

I also ran the Silver Lake Flute Circle in NYC for over a dozen years. 

 My most recent offering was 108 days of meditation and flute on Facebook Live. 

Be safe and be kind in these Covid times. Go to:


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Gera Clark performs Spirit Woods

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"Prayers for Healing" Gera&T.M at the Midnight Salon

GERA CLARK performing Jazzy Pueblo

Convert your closet into a meditation sanctuary


As an RN, yoga instructor, & herbalist, I've learned many meditations from various masters in the past 30 years. I have incorporated playing Native flute, various world instruments, as well as silver flute & piano. Whether teaching Music for Peace and Inner Healing at the Open Center(NYC) or center stage at the World Flutes Festival in Mendoza, Argentina, I've come to see the power of the breath in music & meditation. During the pandemic, these tools have been amazing. Just breathe & let go.
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