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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I thought after this past year, we should really start over with the Lunar New Year! Bring on the food, the firecrackers (Please only when the dragon parade is coming), the dancing, the music, the colors, and the fun! We need a new kind of excitement after a year of ...I don't have to tell you what it was!

Yes, the Lunar New Year of the Ox is going to be a working year to keep us going and innovating toward our personal and global goals. So, I for one have been coming off a cleanse and I just had a cup of black tea. Here I sit and I'm thinking, I should let you all know what is going on in the world of Lazy Girls Yoga since my previous blogs were only on I didn't want you to feel abandoned, so I'm writing this to keep you up to date.

I feel that so many people are still enduring the pain of this disease and its ugly grip on their lives, affecting their health and sometimes even claiming a loved one. Last year when my birthday came in January of 2020- I asked for donations for the Australian wildfires fund to help rescue wildlife which, by the way, doesn't THAT seem like lifetimes ago! This year, when another dizzy spin of the sun fell on my birthday, I asked for donations for mental health. That seemed like a no brainer to me, especially since three people already had thrown themselves off that beautiful new sculptured "Vessel" above "the Highline" by Hudson Yards here in NYC. within the first 9 days of the regular new year.

When I was younger I lived and rocked and rolled in Manhattan. Many of us used to go down to Chinatown to shop and eat. It was fun and new to me and was also open late night for food and it became particularly colorful as day went into night and we vampires would come out from our downtown music haunts to seek replenishment. I also tried to balance that burning the candle at both ends life style with going to Integral Yoga Center in NYC and by doing karma yoga by day for free passes to class and to work through a hangover with healthy food. It was a blender full of of kids raised in the suburbs who had flown to the music, dance, and art scene like moths to a bright light, seeking a more interesting identity or at least trying not to be a stereotype. I think we did become a fashion statement in later years but that is another discussion. Later our thrift shop style that we combined with 5 dollar Korean street vendor's dark sunglasses so we could stay out 'til dawn was made into designer wear with a huge price tag. As I said that is another discussion.

I am here to say..."let's put our heads together and raise some fun!" You are invited to explore yourself and put forth your vision for the new year ahead, Come join me for a time of meditation and soothing flute music as we welcome the Lunar New Year

Go to the insight Timer app... Search Gera Clark...Go to "live"and you will see it !

Start Your "Spectacular Lunar New Year with Gera"or email me at and I will respond and send you the link. Have a Spectacular Day!❤️

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Feb 10, 2021

Lovely post, Gera. Ah, yes. I loved Chinatown ever since I was a kid. As an adult, I lived nearby and loved taking a short walk to eat and shop there. It was always a Sunday night dining experience to eat there with friends. Chinese New Year was amazing with the dragons and firecrackers going off. A blessed Year of the Ox to you.

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