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It's A Good Day

Gera & T,.M have been doing live Yoga Nidras on the app Insight Timer for the last 3 years.

During that time many of our songs were heartfelt and kind of sad.. The sessions were reflective of what was going on with folks even though we tried to keep it upbeat when we could.

Suddenly it seemed one day we woke up and could go outside and do new things. We could explore. The feel of the sun on our face and being able to laugh with friends was exhilarating. Although one may have wanted to run back inside when we found the traffic and drivers as bad as ever, the call to go out and do things was stronger.

Finding myself feeling a stronger draw to explore I remembered that first day. You know the one where you fell the sun shining on you and a seemingly perfect moment was ours to relish. How funny when the choices popped up and we think - do I really want to start a relationship with that person down the walk ahead or pick up that puppy and take it home? So many choices now that we are finding life full of possibilites but then comes the reality. Relationships are great and work. Puppy dogs are sooo cute but then they grow into big dogs with very BIG needs. So it's about the possibility and it's actually up to you to decide. What do you think the person chose?

eclectic mix of Gera & T.M with our wonderful guests-

Tony Garnier, Roger Squitero and John Bertsche. on Distant lands. We are still reeling from being chosen as Best In Native Heart on the Native American Music Awards. Thank you NAMA.

We are proud to release '" by Gera & T.M" on August 1,2023. We will be performing it live tomorrow night 7/25/23 with the legendary Susie Hart from 6-8pm at

"It's a Good Day"- an indie Pop song with a Burt Bacharach feel to it.

So take a walk outside and circle the date August 1st for "It's a Good Day" available on all streaming platforms August 1st.

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